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Les petites merveilles de Paris (The small wonders of Paris) - There is Hope

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"Close Studies I (Stockholm)" 2012
HD-video 5.50 min

As the first part in the video series Close Studies this piece is filmed in Stockholm where the artist Oscar Furbacken is based. The smooth wandering search of the camera invites the viewer to a meditative discovery of the overlooked. The work also challenges our perception of everyday surroundings by unveiling fantastic micro landscapes within the city itself.



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Opening March 12th, 6-9 pm

pop up ART is an Artfair for young artists.

Oscar Furbacken is one of the 51 artists whose work has been selected by a jury to paticipate in this exhibition.

When the oak dies the lichens sprout

Opening on March 18th, 4-7 pm

Galleri Mellanrummet, Kungl. Konsthögskolan Flaggmanvägen 1 at Skeppsholmen in Stockholm, Sweden


moss frise