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Les petites merveilles de Paris (The small wonders of Paris) - There is Hope

oscar furbacken




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2006-2011 Royal Institute of Art - Stockholm, Sweden
2008 Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts - Paris, France
2003-2004 Gerlesborgsskolan i Stockholm
2001-2003 Idun Lovéns konstskola, Stockholm

Oscar was born in Göteborg, Sweden, 1980.
He spent 10 years of his youth in the Paris area.
Since Furbacken graduated from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm he has been active with several projects and exhibitions in Sweden as well as abroad.

Oscar Furbacken is currently based in Stockholm, Sweden where he is represented by S.P.G - susanne pettersson gallery.



Jungle mossreflection of the jungle moss