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Les petites merveilles de Paris (The small wonders of Paris) - There is Hope

oscar furbacken




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Group show at Eldhunden, SKF

10/4 - 15/5 2021


Place: Stora Mossens Backe 14, T-Stora Mossen
Open: Friday – Saturday 12-16

Participating artists are the many members of Konstnärshuset SKF.
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Furbackens first piece from the new series of wooden objects "Tiroirs" (drawers) is on view during the period of this exhibition at Bromma. It must be seen live to fully experience the work.

visualisation of Oscar Furabckens sculptural piece in Norrtälje 2020

Oscar Furbacken at Eldhunden, Stora Mossen 2021

Detail of the wooden object Tiroir by Oscar Furbacken, on view at Eldhunden SKF 2021

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Ongoing project at the Institute of Art, Stockholm

testing materials for fabricating organic cracs
Project student in the sculpture departement.
Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm (Kungl. Konsthögskolan)


moss frise