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Experiment “Jianghu”

Main exhibition of the youth art festival 2014 in Yunnan, China.


Opening Reception:
18:30 P.M. May 3, 2014

Exhibition Period:
10:00 – 20:00 each day, May 3 – 9, 2014

First Floor of Building B, First Floor of Building C, 108 Think-Tank Space, 5 Kunjian Road, Kunming

Luo Fei

(Installation:) Xiang Weixing, Huang Hui, Liu Liwei, Xue Tao, Su Yabi, Zhang Hua
(Photography:) Zi Bo, Guo Peng,, Zheng Haotian, Mao Di, Zhang, Xingwang
(Video:) Letizia Werth(Austria, Emily Bates(U.K., Alfred Banze(Germany, Kay Lawrence(Australia, Oscar Furbacken(Sweden), Hanna Nilsen(Norway), Na Yingyu, Li Ai, Li Youjie, Lan Pi, Lou Zitian, Top-floor Circus, Wen Xinying, Wu Haojun, Lu Wentian
(Performance Art:) Luo Fei, Huang Yuejun, Guo Chenlin, He Libin

About the exhibition:
“Jianghu” is an art project which occurred once or several times a month in such places as Kunming, Lijiang, and Amsterdam during 2005 and 2006. As an extremely flexible project, its artistic expressions range from exhibition halls, streets, apartments to mountain tops, lakes, schools, and public gardens. A variety of folk entertainment and games were integrated into this art exhibition. A number of folk craftsmen, children, and citizens who hadn’t received any artistic education were invited to participate in the art creation. As a result, it quickly attracted much attention from local art circles and media. In an online voting in China in 2006, it was nominated as the best annual exhibition. As the most important avant-garde performance in Yunnan after the year of 2000, “Jianghu” has left its profound impression upon the later development of Yunnan’s art existence.
The background of this section is set as “Jianghu”, an important phenomenon of Yunnan’s experimental art. Meanwhile, the following relevant art areas are systematically reorganized and presented —– the Artists’ Community at the former Bearing Factory, the Artists’ Community at the Automobile Factory, the Artists’ Community at Mayuan residential area, Kunming Loft, Lijiang Studio, TCG Nordica Culture Centre, 943 Studio, and other similar nonprofit art institutions and their international artists’ residential projects. By doing so, the existence of Yunnan art communities and the aspects of experimental art since the year of 2002 are desired to be unfolded.

still from the 5.50min HD-video "Close Studies I" by Oscar Furbacken.




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Opening March 12th, 6-9 pm

pop up ART is an Artfair for young artists.

Oscar Furbacken is one of the 51 artists whose work has been selected by a jury to paticipate in this exhibition.




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