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Supermarket Art Fair 2013

15-17 February at Kulturhuset, Stockholm
Open: fri 11-22, sat 11-20, sun 11-18
(entrance 120SEK)


Booth: CFF - Center for photography

My video ”Close Studies I-VII” will be show as part of a new nordic network that CFF is hosting at Supermarket 2013. Michelle Eistrup from Denmark, Jon Benjamin Tallerås from Norway, Susanna Majuri from Finland, and myself from Sweden.

still from a video-Epedition beyond the visible, in Stockholm city
"Close Studies I-VII" 2012, HD-video 5,50min


The videowork Close Studies is Oscar's first output from the KU-project described below. So it is probably only the beginning of a larger body of work.


The Photographer - an Expedition Beyond the Visible

Through internet and the advanced technical equipment of today scientists and nature photographers have given us access to places that we never would have seen. There are even photographers pointing at a dimension beyond the scientific realm with aura, ufo and spirit photography.

As my part of the overall KU-project ”The Photographer - a Social History of Photography” I am taking on the role of a nature filmmaker exploring faraway places. But instead of traveling to remote areas I choose to focus attention on lichens and mosses in my everyday proximity. In the project I use the premise that if God exists we should be able to find traces of him in small living beings around us. Is it possible for video recordings of a given place to retain it’s spiritual charge?

In order for the camera to reach beyond my physical sight I am developing a JIB for micro-movements in extreme close up. A major part of the project has consisted of sketching, constructing, testing and fine-tuning this equipment as well as finding adequate accessories. Once on site I playfully seek a presence in the point of view and movement of the camera, in order to record traces from a parallel reality.

The paradoxical aim of this experiment brings forth one of the photographer's major dilemmas. Namely the desire to capture the mystery of life on film at the risk of not fully living it.

/Oscar Furbacken, 2012


Oscar Furbacken's project "an Expedition Beyond the Visible" (as described above) is part of the KU-project "The Photographer – a Social History of Photography" which was on view at CFF thursday 25/10 2012, as a part of the 2012 research week at the Royal Insitute of Arts in Stockholm (KKH).

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Opening March 12th, 6-9 pm

pop up ART is an Artfair for young artists.

Oscar Furbacken is one of the 51 artists whose work has been selected by a jury to paticipate in this exhibition.

When the oak dies the lichens sprout

Opening on March 18th, 4-7 pm

Galleri Mellanrummet, Kungl. Konsthögskolan Flaggmanvägen 1 at Skeppsholmen in Stockholm, Sweden


moss frise