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Les petites merveilles de Paris (The small wonders of Paris) - There is Hope

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Oscar Furbacken was born in Sweden 1980. He is based in Stockholm where he works in various media including video, sculpture, painting and photography. The relation between nature and urbanity is a recurring theme in his work as he depicts sceneries of diverse natural phenomena. Through meticulously sculpted fragments of nature or immersive installations, tweaking light and scale, the artist questions how we actually perceive the world around us.
The visual elements constituting the landscapes depicted by Furbacken belong to the fascinating world of small organisms such as moss and lichen. Today's scientists emphasize the key role of such spices in the health of our planet’s ecosystems, especially in our cities. Certain mushrooms' ability to populate desolate places, transform decaying matter into fertile soil and recolonize urban areas is brought forth . By visualizing the diversity and symbiotic relations of these often overlooked microcosms the artist metaphorically urges us to rethink how we relate to each other and the natural world we all depend on.


2006-2011 Royal Institute of Art - Stockholm, Sweden
2008 Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts - Paris, France
2003-2004 Gerlesborgsskolan i Stockholm
2001-2003 Idun Lovéns konstskola, Stockholm

2018 "Scaling Ambience" Studio Amsterdam Living - Stockholm
2017 "Skrymslen", Teatergalleriet - Kalmar, Sweden
2017 "Fördolda Vidder", S.P.G (Susanne Petterson Gallery) - Stockholm
2015 "Törst, mull och vittring", S.P.G - Stockholm
2013 "Landscape Reflected", Up-Gallery at TCG Nordica - Kunming, China
2013 "Bortom andetagen" Hotel Diplomat - Stockholm
2012 "Höjdarna" Tornet i Nolhaga - Alingsås, Sweden
2012 "Uppstigning" Katarina kyrka - Stockholm
2011 "Skimrande inre dunkel" Kungstensgatan 27 - Stockholm
2011 "Längtan efter ljus" Galleri Charlotte Lund - Stockholm
2010 "RISING" Galleri Mejan - Stockholm
2009 "När eken förmultnar spirar lavarna" Mellanrummet, KKH, Stockholm
2008 “Les petites merveilles de Paris” Le Pavé d’Orsay - Paris, France
2006 “Mikromirakel” Princess Hall - Stockholm
2000 Bryggeriet Konsthall - Trelleborg, Sweden
1999 Malvina J. Freedson Gallery - Cleveland, Ohio, USA

2019 "Matter Matters", CCC Art Museum, Beijing China
2019 "Med känsla för grönt", Dunkers Kulturhus -Helsingborg, Sweden
2018 "Trädens liv", Eksjö Museum
2018 "No Ordinary Moments", EMMA Museum - Espoo, Finland
2016 Art Osaka, Swedish Breeze room #6020 - Osaka Japan
2016 I Call it the Universal Circle, Rymd Konstrum -Sickla, Sweden
2015 SAK, yearly prize exhibition, Konstakademien - Stockholm
2014 PHOTOSPECTRUM INT 2014, Gallery Jinsun - Seoul, Korea
2014 Visit 14, Konsthall Betel - Mariannelund, Sweden
2014 "Crumbling Moments", S.P.G - Stockholm
2013 "Naturen flyttar in" Meken - Smedjebacken, Sweden
2013 "Paysages del Norte" Museum of Modern Art Bogotà - Colombia
2012 "Närstudie" Ateljé Livbojen - Bromma
2011 "I väntan på våren" examen på Konstakademien - Stockholm
2009 "OAS" Studio L2 - Stockholm
2009 "In and about altered states", Konstakademien - Stockholm
2008 “Young Art” FOLK 08 - Mariannelund, Sweden
2004 “The intensive” Galleri Svenska Bilder - Stockholm
2002 “Autumn Show” Väsby Konsthall - Stockholm
2000 “Scanie Show” Trelleborgs Konsthall - Stockholm

2018 International Exhibition Stipend for Finland - IASPIS
2016 Marta Larsson Rome Stipend Prize - Royal Swedish Academy of Arts
2015 Two-year grant from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee
2015 Nisse Zetterberg Stipend for Rome - Swedish Academy of Fine Arts
2014 International exchange, Korea - IASPIS Swedish Arts Grants Committee
2013 Residency in Kunming, China - Swedish Arts Grants Committee
2013 Bengt Fredriksson Stipend - Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts
2012 One-year grant from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee
2009 Grant from the Watercolor Fund
2008 Stipend from the Fund of Wilhelm Smith
2003 Gålö Stiftelse Stipend

Stockholms läns landsting
Statens Konstråd / Public Art Agency Sweden
Akademiska Sjukhuset / The Academic Hospital, Uppsala
Landstinget i Uppsala län
Espoo Museum of Modern Art, Finland
Landstinget i Jönköpings län
Sveriges Allmänna Konstförening
Värmdö Kommun



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Oscar Furbacken making Close Studies video in Seoul

Eldsjäl, photography, 2007. mushroom landscape



Close Studies, video projection

Photoinstallation Conciliatory Gate at Susanne Petersson Gallery Stockholm

Jungle mossreflection of the jungle moss